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About Us

CGL offers its clients top-tier strategy consulting services with expertise in several major business sectors. These include construction, mining, energy, clean water plants and port entry security systems. Our experience in strategic advisory includes the assessment of strategic options, support planning processes, and the development of growth agenda’s such as market entry strategies into emerging economies, regions or products.

Management Consulting

We help our clients and businesses exchange goods and services with organizations around the world. CGL consultants also work with NGO’s, multinational corporations and small businesses, maneuvering through the many rules which dictate the terms of international trade.

Cancoco Group works with companies already operating in international markets, or companies planning international expansions or investments to provide the following solutions:

  • Information and advice about international business development and marketing
  • Research international business and investment opportunities, competitors, and business practices; develop proposals and make recommendations
  • Solutions and advice on the effectiveness of management policies and programs in international settings
  • Technical and project management services on a broad scale


Leveraging our core assets to create sustainable revenue streams.

Cancoco has partnered with expert professionals in their field of expertise that allows us to be versatile in every sector of activity. Currently, CGL acts in partnership with H&T Technocraft, a global technology solutions company based in Montreal, Quebec.


Key Partners

  • Government
  • Multi-Nationals
  • Private Equity

Key Activities

  • Consulting & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • World Class Projects

Key Resources

  • Global Networks
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Innovative Tech

Cost Structures

  • Management
  • Corporate Overhead
  • Business Development

Revenue Stream

  • Robust Consulting Fees
  • Success Fees Payouts
  • Solid Investment Returns

Value Proposition

  • Strong Leadership
  • Market Awareness
  • Proven Success

Targeted Activities


Clean Water

Increasing people’s access to sanitation and drinking water brings large benefits to the development of individual countries through improvements in health outcomes and the economy.



Clean Energy

The world today invests some $2.5 trillion a year on transportation, power, water, and telecommunications systems. Yet it’s not enough and needs are only growing steeper.

– McKinsey & Company



We seek activities in food distribution that are in great demand, as well as and heavy machinery, hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon related products to African, Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

– Cancoco Group



We believe that national security begins at the hands of border security. We offer reliable tools for enhanced security to the country and increases revenue from Customs that put an end to fraud and the evasion of duties.

– Cancoco Group

Growing Our Presence in Africa

“The African continent still remains attractive The young population, a growing middle class, investments in infrastructure projects, the use of mobile infrastructure and relative political stability (which should not be underestimated), all build the foundations of Africa’s real growth story in 2016 and beyond.”

– Deloitte Africa Outlook 2016 Report

Map of Africa EN

Global Partners and Activities

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